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Vietnam Visa General Guide: Everything You Need to Know about a Visa for Vietnam


Vietnam is currently fully reopened to international tourists. Your Vietnam tour will now be quarantine-free!

From March 15, 2022, the Vietnam government has resumed the visa issuance policies of pre-pandemic days. Most international tourists need to apply for a visa to travel to Vietnam, except for passport holders from designated exemption countries.

For detailed Vietnam visa application information and requirements, please scroll down to read about visa exemption countries, Vietnam visa on arrival, E-visa, visa validity, visa fee, etc.

Do I Need a Visa for Vietnam?

Most international tourists need to apply for a visa to enter Vietnam, except for passport holders from these Vietnam visa-free countries.

Vietnam Visa Exemptions

Below is a full list of Vietnam visa-free countries, the validity term of the visa per country is also provided. As of January 2022, regular passport holders of the following 25 countries can visit Vietnam without a visa.


Maximum stay

Conditions (if any)


90 days

For tourist visa only


90 days

For tourist visa only


30 days



30 days



30 days



30 days



30 days



30 days



30 days



21 days



15 days

The 30-day interval between 02 stays with visa exemption has been removed in accordance with the new law on entry, exit, transit, and residence of foreigners in Vietnam which takes effect on July 1, 2020.


15 days



15 days



15 days



15 days



15 days



15 days



15 days



15 days


South Korea

15 days



15 days



15 days


United Kingdom (Not applicable to BNO)

15 days



14 days



14 days



  • The above Vietnam visa exemption information is for your reference, please confirm with your local official authorities before departure.
  • To get a Vietnam visa exemption, please ensure that your passport is valid for at least 6 months and has at least 2 blank pages when you arrive in Vietnam;
  • People with an APEC Business Travel Card (ABTC) and valid passport can enjoy Vietnam visa-free for a stay of fewer than 60 days.

What are the Types of Vietnam Visas?

Once you’ve checked whether you need a visa for Vietnam or not, and if you do, please proceed to learning about the different types of visas. Depending on your legal position, Vietnam Immigration Department issues 7 main types of visas to foreigners who wish to enter the country:

Visa Type



Vietnam Tourist Visa (DL)

entering Vietnam for tourism and recreational purposes, not related to business, study, etc.

1. 30-day single entry visa

2. 30-day multiple entry visa

3. 90-day single entry visa

4. 90-day multiple entry visa

Vietnam Business Visa (DN1-DN2)

short-term visa issued to businesspeople entering Vietnam to attend business meetings, conferences, or other business-related purposes

1. 30-day single entry visa

2. 30-day multiple entry visa

3. 90-day single entry visa

4. 90-day multiple entry visa

Vietnam Work Visa (LD1-LD2)

entering Vietnam in order to work or conduct business with a Vietnamese company

Varies, up to 2 years

Vietnam Student or Internship Visa (DH)

entering Vietnam to either study in a Vietnamese educational institution or to do an internship


Vietnam Diplomatic Visa (NG1 – NG4)

issued to foreign diplomats or government officials and their accompanying/visiting family members

Varies, up to 12 months

Vietnam Investor Visa (DT1-DT4)

entering Vietnam in order to invest in a business in Vietnam

Varies, up to 12 months to 5 years

Vietnam Transit Visa

Entering Vietnam for flight transfer in a Vietnamese airport and leaving the airport’s international transit area


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How to Apply for a Vietnam Visa?

In general, there are three ways to apply for a Vietnamese visa, in person, online, and on arrival. A valid application requires a list of personal information and documents. Here’s how to apply for a Vietnam Visa in detail.

Vietnam Visa Requirements

  • Passport with at least another six months’ validity and two blank pages
  • 2 Passport-size photos (printed unless applying for e-visa) with the following specifications:
    1. Size: 4 cm x 6 cm (2 x 2 inches)
    2. White background
    3. Taken within the past 6 months
    4. You must be centered in the photo, looking ahead with a neutral facial expression
    5. If you wear headgear for religious purposes or you have a wig, you may keep it on in the photo but must also be wearing on arrival
    6. You must not be wearing any glasses
  • The Vietnam Visa Application Form, available for download on the embassy/consulate website or in office
  • Receipt for payment of Vietnam Visa fee
  • Any other additional documents like a Letter of Invitation or Sponsorship

Apply in Person at an Embassy or Consulate

Contact your local Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate to make an appointment and learn about specific requirements. Collect and submit your documents. Pay the Vietnam visa fee. Then wait for your Visa to be processed. If you’re in urgent need of your visa, you may apply for a Vietnam Emergency Visa.

Apply Online for an e-Visa

You can apply for a Vietnam visa online if you are from one of the countries eligible for a Vietnam e-Visa. To get a Vietnam e-Visa, complete the online application on the official website for Vietnam e-Visa. Pay the Vietnam e-Visa fee. Wait for your visa to be processed. If you’re in urgent need of your visa, you may apply for a Vietnam Emergency Visa.

Apply on Arrival

If you are applying for a Vietnam visa on arrival, you need an approval letter. Complete the Entry and Exit Form given to you on the airplane and hand it into the Immigration Officers at the port of entry. Remember to bring cash for the Vietnam visa stamping fee. Read more about Vietnam visa on arrival.

How Much is a Vietnam Visa?

The cost of a visa for Vietnam depends on how you apply and the validity of the visa.

  1. Vietnam e-Visa: $25
  2. Vietnam visa on arrival stamping fee (plus additional service fee for your Letter of Approval)
    • 1 month Single/Multi-entry: $25/$50
    • 3 months Single/Multi-entry: $25/$50
    • 6 months Multi-entry: $95
    • 12 months Multi-entry: $135
  3. Applying for a Vietnam visa at an embassy/consulate: depends on the Embassy or Consulate

Can I Extend a Vietnam Visa?

If you want to remain in Vietnam past the expiry date of your visa, you have to contact and apply at an Immigration Office in Vietnam for:

  • A Vietnam Visa Extension, to extend how long you can stay in in the country with your current visa. The extension you receive depends on the type of visa you already have, for example, if you have a one-month visa, the extension will be for another month
  • A Vietnam Visa Renewal, to change the category of your visa or if you have entered Vietnam from a visa-exemption country

Vietnam Visa for US/Indian/European Citizens

US. citizens are required to get a visa for Vietnam but are eligible for an e-Visa. So you may apply online or on arrival as long as you have a Letter of Approval. To apply in person, contact one of these embassies and consulates, the Vietnam Embassy in Washington DC, the Consulate General of Vietnam in San Francisco, and Consulate General of Vietnam in Houston, Texas.

It’s the same case for Indian citizens for a visa for Vietnam is required. You can either apply in person, online, or on arrival. Apply in person at the Embassy of Vietnam in New Delhi or the Consulate General of Vietnam in Mumbai.

If you’re a citizen of a European nation, make sure you check if you’re exempt from a Vietnam visa before proceeding to the next step.

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