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Da Lat Travel Guide


Located in southern Vietnam, Da Lat is the capital city of Lam Dong province, about 300 km (186 mi) away from Ho Chi Minh City, and the distance from Nha Trang City is around 130 km (81 mi). With an elevation of around 1,500 meters ( 4,921 ft), Da Lat enjoys pretty cool weather and becomes an ideal holiday destination to escape the scorching heat of southern Vietnam.

This romantic and dreaming city boasts immense pine forests, serene lakes, and groups of magnificent waterfalls. Since a French doctor discovered it in 1893 and established the first sanatorium, Da Lat has become a famous summer resort in the country. More and more French and Vietnamese upper-class nobility in Vietnam chose to come here to spend summer time, and many chic French villas have been built in Da Lat. When you visit the city, you can enjoy a poetic fairy scene and just feel like being in a French town.

Panoramic view of Da Lat
Panoramic view of Da Lat

Top Things to Do in Da Lat

Have a Glance at Crazy House

This bizarre complex can be the most iconic place in Da Lat. It was built as a guest house named  Hang Nga Hotel in 1990. Designed by Dr. Dang Viet Nga, the daughter of Vietnam’s former president, this house boasts otherworldly architecture, creepy interiors, narrow passageways and winding stairs. You will be amazed at the architect’s imagination and the exotic hotel rooms. It is recommended that you visit the Crazy Room on a sunny day to enjoy its gorgeous colors.

Crazy House in Da Lat
Crazy House in Da Lat

Trekking & Biking in Bidoup Nui Ba National Park

Located about 50 km (93 mi) north of Da Lat city, this is one of the twenty-eight national parks in Vietnam. Covering an area of 63,938 ha, the park founded in 2004 was named after the two highest peaks: Bidoup and Nui Ba. This less visited park features resourceful fauna and flora. Encompassed with coniferous woodlands and bamboo groves, this is the best place for you to enjoy outdoor activities like biking and trekking. It offers you a chance to watch rare birds, breathe fresh air, cycle in the pine forests, and hike to the top of Langbiang Mountain.

Explore Gorgeous Linh Phuoc Pagoda

With typical Asian features, the Linh Phuoc Pagoda, also known as Ve Chai Pagoda, is one of the must-visit attractions in Da Lat. Only 8 km (5 mi) from the city center, the pagoda is an alluring sight for its gorgeous architectural style. Built from glass and broken pottery, it contains seven floors and is decorated with countless colorful dragon-shaped carvings and sculptures. Many Buddha statues and monk statues can also be found here. The workmanship and colors are amazing. 

Linh Phuoc Pagoda in Da Lat
Linh Phuoc Pagoda in Da Lat

Get Inspired at Bao Dai Summer Palace

Also known as Palace Number 3 (Palace III), this famous palace was built in 1933 as the summer resort of Vietnam’s last king. Surrounded by beautiful gardens, the colonial architectural framework contains 25 rooms, and many of the luxurious interior decorations and quality furniture are well preserved. Apart from appreciating the gorgeous architecture, you can dress up in the gowns of kings or queens for taking photos.

Enjoy Spectacular Elephant Falls

Da Lat boasts groups of waterfalls, and the Elephant Falls is one of the highlights. Situated in Nam Ban town, about 40 km (25 mi) from Dalat, the fantastic falls are about 30 meters (98 ft) above the Cam Ly Stream and the width is nearly 40 meters (131 ft). The falls got the name as the large rock behind the waterfalls is like an elephant’s head. For nature lovers, they can easily admire the majesty from below as well as above the waterfalls. Don’t forget to catch the exciting moment while standing on the rock. However, surely be careful as it may be a little slippery.

Smell and Sip the Coffee

Coffee has long been planted in Dat Lat and the city possesses rich coffee culture. Tasting a cup of coffee on the street corner or in a mountain town is an enjoyable thing. With a unique and slightly sweet flavor, Da Lat’s coffee is worth trying. The city offers countless excellent cafes for choices. For coffee lovers, La Viet Coffee, Tung Cafe, and Cung To Chieu are among the tops. In addition, you can also have a chance to visit coffee farms, immersing yourself in the coffee growing and preparing process.

Da Lat Weather: Best Time to Visit Da Lat

With an elevation of around 1,500 meters ( 4,921 ft) and surrounded by mountains, Da Lat enjoys a pretty cool climate. The average annual temperature ranges between 12 and 24℃(54 – 75℉), and the temperature differences between days and nights are large.

The best time to visit Da Lat is the dry season from November to March when it rains less. The dry climate and pleasant weather make a comfortable Da Lat journey. However, between June and August, the city welcomes the peak season of local tourists to escape the summer hot. During this period, it is busy and crowded.

Da Lat Transportation: How to Reach and Get around

How to reach Da Lat

By Air

The fastest and most convenient way to get to Da Lat is by plane. The Lien Khuong Airport in Da Lat offers domestic flights connecting to other major cities in Vietnam, including Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. The flight time from Hanoi to Da Lat is about 2 hours and it takes only around 1 hour from HCMC. From the airport to the city center, an airport shuttle bus cost ranges from VND 40,000 to VND 50,000 and a taxi costs about VND 180,000.

By Bus

Buses are also very convenient to reach Da Lat and it is the cheapest way. A bus ride from Ho Chi Minh City to Da Lat takes about 7 hours and only 5 hours are needed from Nha Trang to Da Lat by bus. As for Hanoi, it takes over 30 hours, so it is not recommended.

How to Get around Da Lat

By Bike & Motorbike

Da Lat has many attractions and alluring sights to see. One of the best ways to explore the city is to hire a bicycle or a motorbike, cycling around lakes and street corners to find the hidden gems of the city. Renting a bike or a motorbike can be easy just down from the main markets in town, near Lotteria. A bike costs around VND 30,000 per day and a mountain bike may need more. For motorbikes, the rates are between US$5 and US$7 per day.

By bus

Local buses can not save your legs if you are just visiting the city. These buses are always departing for further destinations from Da Lat. Operated from 05:30 to 17:30, the buses depart from Da Lat Inner City Bus Station to landmarks including Elephant Falls, Datanla Waterfalls, and Truc Lam Pagoda.

By taxi

The green Mai Linh taxis are most recommended as they often use meters for fair prices.

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