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Why Visit Vietnam? 8 Reasons for Your Vietnam Travel


Why visit Vietnam? We list the top 8 reasons you cannot miss the charming Southeast Asian country. The long and narrow terrain of Vietnam makes it reflects different customs and landscapes from south to north. Compared to those so hot destinations, Vietnam offers no less amazing experiences, from breathtaking mountain views, laid-back beaches, exotic architecture, and dynamic megacities, to yummy food, mysterious culture, and kinds of UNESCO Heritage-listed sites.

Foodies are welcomed by this extraordinary land, where you can easily find budget and delicious dishes. Vietnamese coffee offers you more than a surprise. Pack your baggage and start your Vietnam journey with us!

Sapa Terraced Fields
Rice Terraced Fields in Sapa

1. Jaw-dropping, Diverse Natural Landscape

If you are a mountaineer, then don’t miss the country. Vietnam has the highest peak in Southeast Asia, Fansipan, which allure a lot of hikers overseas. The flora and fauna in more than 30 national parks will treat nature lovers’ eyes. In Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, you can adventure the world’s largest cave, Hang Son Doong Cave. Trekking in terraces near Sapa and exploring old ethnic villages may offer one of the best hiking experiences in your lifetime. Last but not least, the limestone landscape in Ninh Binh and gorgeous limestone karst in Ha Long Bay are top-level.

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2. Most Budget but Enjoyable Destination in Asia

Another reason to visit Vietnam is that you can take a high-quality cross-border journey at a very reasonable cost. Compare to other Southeast Asian countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia, Vietnam still has a price advantage. Delicious local street food can be enjoyed at $1.50-$2 USD. General guest house starts from $10-$15 per night. Sure, if you want a luxury journey, high-end hotels are also optional. A 5-star hotel in Vietnam costs nearly the same as an American 5-star hotel.

3. Yummy, Cheap Vietnamese Street Food

When it comes to Vietnam food, the first thing that comes to mind is Vietnamese Beef Rice Noodles and fresh Spring Rolls, but that is only a minor part of Vietnamese food. With Chinese and French culinary influencing, Vietnamese food boasts flavors of spicy, sour, salty, and sweet. Fish sauce is widely used in Vietnamese cuisines, fresh but not greasy. The must-try street food is always cooked with shrimp paste, rice, fruits, and vegetables, suitable for most people’s tastes. Vietnamese baguette (Bánh mì), Crispy Vietnamese Pancake (bánh xèo), and a lot of fresh seafood will undoubtedly satisfy your taste buds. Generally, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Hoi An, and the ancient capital Hue, are the best places to taste yummy street food, and the price for dishes can be lower to $1.

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4. Amazing Coffee Experience

The fragrant Vietnamese coffee may give you an answer to visit Vietnam. As the world’s second-largest coffee exporter, Vietnam has a rich coffee culture and fabulous coffee beans. Delicately baked with a special cream, the iced Vietnamese coffee with condensed milk (Cà phê sữa đá) is intensely strong and sweet, milky and mellow, with a long aftertaste. You can even try a cup of coffee with egg yolk, coconut milk, or yogurt. Sip a cup of Vietnamese coffee, and perk you up for your one-day tour!

5. Gorgeous Architecture in Different Styles

In addition to the serene natural landscape, Vietnam is also known for its centuries-old history and diverse cultures. Neighbor to China, Vietnam has been greatly influenced by Chinese culture, especially in architecture, which can be seen easily from the Imperial City in Hue, and Chinese guildhalls and temples in Hoi An. Meanwhile, many buildings in the Old Quarter in Ho Chi Minh City display obvious French influences. In the south of the country, you can even observe some architectural styles from Hindu origins. For an architectural lover and cultural explorer, there is no need to think about why visit Vietnam, as every building is waiting for exploration.

6. Trace Vietnam War History

Many people know Vietnam from its tragic modern history. Want to have a deep understanding of nowadays Vietnam, then you cannot miss the chance to visit the War Remnants Museum in Ho Chi Minh City. The remarkable museum keeps a lot of war remnants, including air crafts, tanks, and various guns. It also displays images telling tragic stories and photos depicting people’s war lives, and documents the cruel crimes of the famous Vietnam war from both US and Vietnam perspectives. Outside the city, some channels dug for war are also worth a visit to learn painful history.

7. Beautiful Beaches & Islands

The 3,260 kilometers (2,026 mi) long coastline endows Vietnam with the most beautiful beaches in the world and the best seaside resorts for holidays. From world-famous Ha Long Bay, which boasts karst limestone cliffs and unspoiled islands, to Da Nang, one of the top 6 beaches in the world, to Nha Trang, an ideal coastal city for scuba diving, Vietnam offers you too many options. Either normal beach lovers or extreme water sports fans can have fun on popular beaches or some off-the-beaten-track islands, swimming, diving, kayaking, climbing, or just enjoying the sea breeze.

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8. Safe to Travel

Vietnam is surely a safe place to visit if you take caution. This is an important reason to visit Vietnam. The country has a relatively low violent crime rate and firearms are not allowed to use. Vietnam is also one of the most classic well-trodden backpacker destinations in Southeast Asia and people here are friendly to foreign visitors. All you need to be careful of may be petty theft. Hold on to your handbags and remember to take care of your belongings in touristy areas and busy markets.

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