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Laos is a dream destination for anyone who loves a tranquil atmosphere, mystical life and culture. Being sandwiched between Thailand and Vietnam, Laos is not as famous as its neighbors, thus still keeping its unique and untouched charm.  

Our Laos Tours will take you to experience the authentic Baci ceremony and morning alms-giving ceremony, visit the UNESCO-listed Luang Prabang with 34 UNESCO-protected temples, glimpse into the unique cultures and life of diverse ethnic groups, enjoy brilliant countryside views at Bolaven Plateau, and marvel at the Karst landscapes and picturesque Nam Song River in Vang Vieng. If you like, we can also arrange a Laos trip with various wild creatures, the untouched natural scenery in 4000 Islands, or a great local food experience.

Most Popular Laos Tours

Wondering how to plan a perfect Laos tour? Having no idea on what attractions and activities to cover on your first trip to Laos? Then you can take a look at our guests’ favourite Laos tours for some inspirations. All the tours are with finely crafted itineraries, and conducted by local expert guides who will give you a true sense of Lao life and culture. If you like, our travel consultant will be more than happy to help you plan your tailor-made Laos tour with 1-1 service.

Laos Family Tours

Our Laos family tours are arranged with various kid-friendly experiences and activities. Joining one of our Laos family tours, you and your kids will follow the local expert guides to experience Lao traditions and customs, enjoy close contact with lovely elephants in Elephant Village Camp, and explore plentiful Lao landmarks.

Popular Cities & Destinations in Laos

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