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How to Get to Cambodia: by Air, Boat & Road


There are no direct flights to Cambodia from North America as well as European countries. If you plan to fly to Cambodia, you will have to transfer from East or Southeast Asian countries.

Cambodia is easily accessible by land and has numerous land border crossing points with all neighboring countries. Besides, you can get to Cambodia by boat from Vietnam.

Getting to Cambodia by Air

Cambodia is relatively easy to reach by air as it has 2 major large international airports in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap respectively. However, countries in Europe and America do not have direct flights to Cambodia, and tourists need to transfer from cities in Asian countries, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, and Tokyo.

① Phnom Penh International Airport

Phnom Penh International Airport is the largest airport in Cambodia and the main gateway for tourists to enter Cambodia, served by more than 20 domestic and international airlines, mostly from East Asian countries and regions. As the hub airport of Cambodia Angkor Airlines, Phnom Penh International Airport receives an average of over 3 million visitors per year.

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Direct Flights to Phnom Penh:



Flight Time





Phnom Penh

6.5 hours


5 hours


4h 10m

Hong Kong

2h 45m


5h 25m


1h 15m

Ho Chi Minh

55 minutes


2h 15m

Kuala Lumpur

1h 50m


1h 55m


② Siem Reap International Airport

The country’s second-largest airport, Siem Reap International Airport is located just 5 km from the world-famous Angkor Wat, making it an important gateway to Cambodia. More than one million tourists arrive in the city each year.

The modern terminal building was opened in 2006 and is still being expanded to accommodate the increasing number of passengers each year. The airport hosts many international airlines, including Singapore Airlines, Air Asia, Air Macau, Malaysia Airlines, Asiana Airlines, Jetstar Asia, Bangkok Airways, Lao Airlines, and Vietnam Airlines.

Direct Flights to Siem Reap:



Flight Time

Hong Kong

Siem Reap

2h 40m


1h 50m

Luang Prabang

1.5 hours


1h 10m


2h 05m

Kuala Lumpur

2h 10m


5.5 hours


1h 35m

Cambodia has a third international airport – Sihanouk International Airport, located 20 km east of Sihanoukville, Cambodia’s largest seaport, offering flights to Siem Reap, Seoul, Phnom Penh, Kunming, Kuala Lumpur, and some other major cities in Southeast and East Asian countries.

③ Air Tickets & Airfares

All airlines flying to Cambodia offer online ticketing services, and you can almost always get a better deal. However, you should be wary of third-party websites, as most of them have no consumer protection.

The safest bet is through a travel agent. It will be a bit more expensive, but it will help you avoid some of the hassles associated with flight changes and insurance.

While many international airlines fly to Cambodia, Singapore and Bangkok remain the main gateways.

Here is a list of airfares from Bangkok and Singapore to Cambodia for your reference.





Phnom Penh

USD 55-129

Siem Reap

USD 64 – 182


Phnom Penh

USD 166 – 204

Getting to Cambodia by Road

Sharing borders with Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam, Cambodia has many border crossings with them. Many private bus companies operate such international routes, and tourists can travel from these countries to Cambodia by international bus. Visas are usually issued upon arrival.

Below are a few of the common Cambodian border crossings for tourists, as a reference for cross-country travelers.

Thailand – Cambodia

Aranyaprathet (Thailand) Poipet (Cambodia) Border Crossing is the most common crossing point for tourists. Buses between Bangkok, Thailand and Siem Reap, Cambodia usually pass through this crossing, which is open between 7:00 and 20:00. Tourists can buy bus tickets from travel agencies on Bangkok’s Khao San Road, and the road trip usually takes 6 to 9 hours.

Vietnam – Cambodia

Moc Bai (Vietnam) – Bavat (Cambodia) Border Crossing is the most popular one for foreign tourists coming from Vietnam. From Ho Chi Minh, you can easily take a bus for 6 hours through this border crossing to Phnom Penh. Tickets can usually be booked at local travel agencies or hotel receptions for about USD 9-12.

Laos – Cambodia

Voen Kham (Vietnam) – Dom Kralor (Cambodia) Border Crossing is the only border crossing between Laos and Cambodia. Buses depart from Si Phan Don to Siem Reap via this crossing. Visitors can apply for a Cambodian visa on arrival at the Cambodian border for USD 35. The whole journey takes about 16 hours and costs USD 25-30.

Getting to Cambodia by Boat

There are 2 main ports in Cambodia – Phnom Penh International Port and Sihanoukville International Seaport. Tourists can reach Phnom Penh from Vietnam via the Mekong Delta, which takes about 4 hours.

Boat tickets can be purchased through travel agencies or at the pier and prices vary by season. One-way tickets cost about USD 80 per person during the high season (May to July) and about USD 50 per person during the shoulder months (February to April & August to September).

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