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Sihanoukville, formerly known as Kompong Som, is located on the southwestern coast of Cambodia, under the jurisdiction of Sihanoukville Province. As Cambodia’s most popular beach paradise, Sihanoukville is proud of its countless amazing tourist islands and beaches, luxury hotels, and excellent restaurants and bars. It is the place you can have your heart captured by relaxing and stunning pristine beaches during the daytime and have your energy replenished at many exciting seaside bars and parties after night falls.

Whether you want to escape from the hustle and bustle of big cities or want to enjoy a serene beach break, Sihanoukville will not disappoint you. We hope the following Sihanoukville travel guide will help you plan an incredible adventure in this city.

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Top Things to Do in Sihanoukville

Enjoy Island-Hopping between Koh Rong & Koh Rong Samleom Islands

For outdoor enthusiasts, island-hopping between Koh Rong and Koh Rong Samleom is a perfect way to enjoy a great mix of beautiful beaches, waterfalls, jungle trekking, snorkeling, stunning views, and thriving coral reefs. The two islands are the most popular ones off the coast of Sihanoukville and are only 4 km (2 mi) apart (within 20 minutes by speedboat or ferry from each other).

Koh Rong is the largest island in Sihanoukville which is among Asia’s top seaside resorts. The attractive features you can expect here include pristine rain forests, a night of partying, untamed coral reefs, and some of the most stunning beaches in Cambodia. The Koh Rong Samleom island will offer you a serene break with white sandy beaches and very few tourists.

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Spend Pleasant Time at Gorgeous Beaches

Otres Beach, Independence Beach, Serendipity Beach, or Ochheuteal Beach

The shore of Sihanoukville is home to some of the most gorgeous beaches in Cambodia, leaving it the best destination for a laid-back beach holiday. All the beaches are of white sands and azure waters, but still, each of them has its own characteristics.

Otres Beach with a quieter atmosphere, high-end accommodations, and a wide selection of restaurants is the place for those seeking a serene perch. 

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Another quiet beach, Independence Beach, is facilitated with luxurious recreational facilities, offering more luxury enjoyment. The Serendipity Beach will come alive after night falls, with loud music and flashing lights beckoning tourists who love night parties. The Ochheuteal Beach is the most visited beach among tourists, featuring mangrove forests, plenty of thrilling water sports, and tasty seafood.

Meet Wildlife and Marine Life in Ream National Park

About 18 km from Sihanoukville, Ream National Park is an amazing natural site where you can enjoy beautiful mountains, forests, islands with flourishing beaches and coral reefs, and wetlands in one go. Covering an area of over 210 square kilometers, the park is built to protect Cambodia’s threatened natural resources. Now, it is home to abundant wild animals, aquatic life, and precious plants such as the Sarus crane, turtles, dolphins, and rhesus monkeys.

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Blend Yourself into the Local Life at Phsar Leu Market

Phsar Leu is a market for locals, offering a glimpse into the real Cambodian living environment. Scattered in the large plaza are over 100 vendors selling various goods, including clothing, fruits, vegetables, jewelry, local snacks, beauty salons, and daily supplies. The market is divided into different sections, and you can easily find the items you want in the corresponding section. It is especially a paradise for foodies, providing a wide selection of local traditional dishes and snacks. If shopping is not your thing, just talking to friendly locals and photoing the life scene will also offer you an interesting experience.

Visit Beautiful Temples - Wat Leu Temple & Wat Krom Temple

Hilltop temples in Sihanoukville are beautiful in architecture, offering picturesque views across the city.

Located on a forested hilltop about 1.5 km from Sihanoukville, Wat Leu Temple is a cozy site with a golden and colorful main building nestled among lush greenery and wilderness. Around the temple are many exquisite animal and Buddha statues, and behind the temple is a small platform from where you can enjoy a stunning panoramic view of the city.

Wat Krom Temple is about 3 km from the city and is standout for its unique architectural style and gilded Buddha sculptures. The temple offers a breathtaking vista view over the city and the sea.

Tips to visit temples:

  • Take off your shoes when entering the building.
  • Bow slightly when meeting elder monks.
  • Don’t point to the Buddha statues and monks.
  • Tuck your feet behind when you sit.

How Many Days to Stay in Sihanoukville?

Sihanoukville is a place for slowing down, relaxing, and enjoying. We suggest spending at least 2-3 days in Sihanoukville to visit the top beaches and islands. If you have a longer holiday and want to do nothing but relax, you can spend 1-2 weeks or longer days in Sihanoukville to enjoy the beach, sunbathe, scuba diving, natural beauty, etc. at leisure.

Sihanoukville Weather: Best Time to Visit Sihanoukville

Sihanoukville is warm all year round with daily minimum temperatures typically above 21°C (69.8 °F). The city experiences the dry season from October to early May and the wet season from early May to September.

The best time to visit Sihanoukville is from November to February when the city sees less rainfall, providing a conducive condition to enjoy sunbath and water activities. February to May are the hottest months in the city, and late July to September is the monsoon period when the city sometimes witnesses landslides and floods.

Sihanoukville Transportation: How to Get to and Get around

How to Get to Sihanoukville?

By air

Sihanoukville is about 20 km from Sihanouk International Airport which serves many direct domestic flights from Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. To get to Sihanoukville city center from the airport, you can take a tuk-tuk (about 20 USD), taxi (about 30 USD), or shuttle bus (about 4 USD per person).

By Road

Sihanoukville is along the route of National Highway 4, making it easily accessible by bus or private car from Phnom Penh, Koh Kong, Kep, Kampot, Siem Reap, etc.

By Waterway

As the most important port in Cambodia, the Sihanoukville International Port offers frequent international cruises to/from important ports around the world, including domestic cruises to Phnom Penh, and Siem Reap.

How to Get around Sihanoukville?

Popular options to travel around Sihanoukville include taxis, tuk-tuks, motorbike taxis, and motorbike rentals.

Motorbike taxis and tuk-tuks are the two most common ways to get around the city. Usually, a motorbike taxi ride costs about US$ 1.25-1.5 for a short distance, and a tuk-tuk ride costs no more than US$ 4. You can also spend about 20 USD to hire a tuk-tuk driver for a full-day trip.

Taxi is the most expensive transit mode in Sihanoukville, costing about 20 USD from the city to the airport. Most taxis are not metered, and you can ask the hotel to help arrange the ride.

The city’s driving conditions are not so friendly for motorbike driving, but people who are skilled in motorbike driving can still rent one by spending about 5 USD per day.

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