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When Is the Best Time to Visit Myanmar?


The cool months from November to February is the best time to visit Myanmar when the weather is mostly clear and warm with plenty of sunshine. This is the coldest time of the year in Myanmar, but the city is still mild during the day, with average temperatures reaching 80 ºF.

From November onwards, the weather in Myanmar starts to get dry, making the whole country easily accessible (sometimes the roads get washed out before the rainy season ends in October). You can go anywhere in the country to discover a variety of temples and buildings, take a long-tail boat ride on Inle Lake to see tens of thousands of migratory birds, go trekking in Mandalay and Bagan, or spend leisurely time at the beach enjoying the beautiful white sand and gentle sea breeze.

Best Month(s): 

November to February

Temperature: 69.5 – 89.6 °F

Clothes to Wear: Short sleeves made of light cotton fabric, dresses, shorts, and other cool & breathable clothes during the day; Coat, long sleeves, jeans at night; Flip-flops for temple visits.

Best Season(s):

Cool Season


Advantages: The cool season provides the best weather in Myanmar, warm and sunny. There is almost no rain during these months, and every part of this country is accessible. Beach relaxation, historical site exploration, and hot air balloon rides are all excellent experiences.

Time Better to Avoid

Myanmar experiences heavy rainfall every year, lasting from June until September. During this period, floods frequently occur in many cities and regions, resulting in road washes and bus delays. In short, if you travel to Myanmar at this time, you will encounter a lot of inconveniences. 

In addition, March to May is also a time to avoid traveling to Myanmar. The weather in Myanmar starts to get very hot in March, and the rainfall gradually increases. April is the hottest month in Myanmar, with the highest temperature reaching 100 °F. Scorching weather and accompanying humidity will bring you a very bad experience on your Myanmar trip.

Peak Season & Slack Season

Peak Season - November to February

November to February is the peak travel season in Myanmar, when you will experience the most comfortable weather of the year, mild and sunny, suitable for a variety of outdoor activities, including beach vacations, hot air balloon rides in Mandalay, boat trips on Inle Lake, and historical sites to explore in Bagan.

In the peak tourism season, there will undoubtedly be more budget to spend on transportation and hotels. If you plan to travel to Myanmar during this period, be sure to book your flights and hotels in advance. Besides, you are advised to arrive as early as possible if you want to visit the popular attractions to avoid long queues.

Slack Season - March to October

Temperatures in Myanmar start to climb in March, peaking in April, with occasional high temperatures lasting until mid-May. June marks the onset of the rainy season in Myanmar when the air will become hot and humid. Frequent rains are likely to cause roads to be washed out, making many areas impassable.

However, the rainy season in Myanmar is an excellent time to explore the lush green forests. March to October is the low season for Myanmar tourism when Myanmar welcomes few tourists and you can greatly appreciate a quiet environment in the popular scenic spots. Also, you can enjoy low prices on hotels and flights during this time.


Travel Suitability




5 Stars


63 – 91 °F


4 Stars


66 – 96 °F


3 Stars


71 – 98 °F


2 Stars


75 – 100 °F


3 Stars


75 – 93 °F


3 Stars


74 – 89 °F


2 Stars


74 – 87 °F


2 Stars


73 – 87 °F


3 Stars


74 – 88 °F


3 Stars


72 – 91 °F


5 Stars


71 – 93 °F


5 Stars


64 – 91 °F

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